Cambridge Illustrators define the GENRE as being the subject matter of the illustration e.g. architectural, nature etc.

Architectural: Generally an architectural illustrator portrays the details of an architectural project very accurately for a design professional, but sometimes a looser ‘artists impression’ style is called for and this can be carried out using coloured markers or pencil crayons. View portfolio of architectural illustrators.

Business: Any illustration that is used for trade, merchandising or commercial application for use in advertising, brochures, websites etc. View portfolio of business illustrators.

Cartoons: Cartoon illustration can be used for a multitude of applications from strip cartoons to mascots, logos, childrens media, educational products, mobile-apps, social games etc. View portfolio of cartoon illustrators.

Childrens: Although traditionally used for children’s books the applications can range from books to games, packaging, TV programmes and mobile apps. View portfolio of children’s illustrators.

Fashion & Beauty: Covers a huge range of applications from advertising, packaging, book & magazine illustrations, accessories, interior designs etc. View portfolio of fashion and beauty illustrators.

Food & Drink: Everybody’s favourite! From advertising, brochures, websites, packaging, TV programmes etc. food & drink illustration can cover any aspect from a single strawberry to a restaurant interior. View portfolio of food and drink illustrators.

Maps & Diagrams: Can include scientific diagrams, infographics, maps, charts, flow charts, business diagrams, organizational charts, survey maps and atlases, for print and online publishing. View portfolio of map and diagram illustrators.

Nature: Illustrations representing the environment including botanical illustration, animals, birds, insects, forest, landscape, waterscapes, oceans, mountains etc. Applications range from books, brochures, websites to greetings cards etc. View portfolio of wildlife and nature illustrators.

Technical & Medical: Very specialised illustration usually executed to great accuracy. Can include educational posters and leaflets, publicity materials, manuals, reports and websites. View portfolio of technical and medical illustrators.

Travel: The world’s your oyster. Travel illustration, for brochures, advertising, posters, websites etc. can be super realistic, broad, retro, ultra modern….
View portfolio of travel illustrators.