David Severn’s witty illustrations for a witty children’s story

David Severn - Illustrator - Hippo Sitting Under Tree

After author Miranda Ashfield, saw David Severn’s artwork on Cambridge Illustrators she contacted and commissioned him to illustrate her witty children’s story, ‘The Hippo and The Zebra’. Traditional and digital technique David spent some time developing the characters and then followed the author’s directions for points in

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Russ conjures up ‘Mini Myths’

Russ Daff - Illustrator - Mini Myths

Russ Daff is a freelance Illustrator and because he works from home he needs stimulus to stop him going a bit mad! Always loved the great myths of ancient Greece Before iPads and on-demand programming Russ used to love watching movies while he worked and started buying

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Nic Brennan – spotlight

Over the past 10 years Nic has worked freelance and full time in graphic design and publishing houses covering subjects from children’s books, education, character design, posters, flyers, web-based graphics, fashion design, album covers, technical illustration for civil and military aerospace and everything in-between. View Nic’s illustration

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